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Please note; This page is still in progress. The below will be transferred to "Siblings-Revival" book two page. 
book one list is on the "Siblings" sub-page.

Aaron Crabben: Works at Scangentech- DNA records.

Adam Hisdak: Lead for P2P project.

Adam Hisdak Jr.: One of Adam and Mel's twins.

Ahmed Benoit: Works in Paris pizza parlor.

Aida Ellis: Works at Swiss lodge/ in love with Kristor.

Adelphi, Nancy: Reception nurse at Quebec hospital.

Albert Spraten: Used to work for Morgans, dated Alice.

Alessio Giuldelpo: Italian truck driver & Jenek's brother-in-law.

Alphi Dupolous: Greek tour director.

Alice Morgan: Daughter of Edgar & Suzanna Morgan, Sophie's sister, loves Jack.

Amber Chedaux: One of Sophie's teenage twin cousins.

Amy Bonhomme: Tony's daughter.

Ana Martinson: Kidnapped 10 years ago at age 5 from Scangentech & raised by Leona in Brazil.

Andrea Cottsmouth: In photo with Dr. Erikson.

Anne Wilson: Jack's Mother.

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